Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Night ~ The First Fishing Adventure of the Year

We had a great family night. We decided it was just too nice to stay inside for a movie night so we headed out for a picnic and fishing at a nearby park. Unfortunately Jake wasn't feeling well so he didn't join us. I went against my meal plan tonight and we stopped at McDonald's and took that to the park with us.

After dinner the guys headed out to do a little fishing. If you click on the picture you can see that their footsteps were in sync. Pretty funny huh? They were on a mission.Mostly Will just spent the next hour fixing every one's fishing pole. Drew's was broken when we got there. Not like he cared much. Typical Drew was just too busy to fish anyway he was much happier playing in the water...and mud. In this picture he is pulling seaweed off his foot.Within the first 5 minutes of us being there he fell into the water. Soaking and muddying his shoes and socks.They actually did get a little fishing in. No bites but that's ok. We had a really good time and the weather was beautiful. We returned home to find Jake feeling better. We had ice cream for dessert and spent the rest of the night relaxing.

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GP & GM Campbell said...

Great family time, love it!!!!