Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Weekend

How can you have this much fun eating yogurt?You know it is almost the end of the school year when you have the Elementary Relays. The kids get to sign up for different events and the spend the afternoon at the highschool. The younger kids and I went to watch Tony Friday afternoon. He ran in the sack race (2nd place) the T-ball hit (5th place) and the soft ball throw (6th place).
He had a good time and got to leave early to come home with me so that was the best part for him! The younger boys did really well thanks in part by the fact that I brought Brodies constructions trucks for him to play with in the dirt.I had a great Mother's Day. My hubby took me out to dinner on Saturday night and on Sunday I was made this for breakfast...Crepes with Strawberry Sauce. Very fancy. I was given some really nice cards from all my boys and also this...A Gala apple tree! I was so excited.

The rest of my Sunday was spent working outside, planting some flowers, finishing up the garden, and spending time with my father and sister in law chatting while Will took his mother to dinner and a movie for Mother's Day.

In the evening we went to Will's cousins house to have dinner and celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday.

Hope you all had a good weekend and have a great week!

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