Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Little Taste of Spring

The weather has turned back cold but before that we have had some awesome weather this season. We have been able to spend almost everyday outside. The hens as well have been able to spend lots of time outside the chicken house and coop. I found an egg in a pretty unusual spot the other day. Can you see it?Tucked in an empty flower bed.
I am down to just one of the White Brahma chickens. I found the other one in the woods behind our house. Something had killed her. That was pretty sad. They are great layers.

Here is Drew showing off his climbing skills. He is trying to catch up to Tony who has always been a tree climber.
This is a crazy picture. The reason being that it is the middle of January, we are on the deck grilling, and no one has a coat on. Like I said, it has been unseasonable warm!
I like this picture too. Emily discovered the pine cones in the front yard and Brodie is dashing to grab the pine cone out of her mouth. Good thing she has so many brothers watching out for her.

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