Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Another Day in the Figgins House

So yesterday went a little like this...

9am dropped the younger 3 children off with my Dad and step-mom. Brodie was kept home from school due to be diagnosed with strep the day before. I headed to my 9:30 dentist apt. Got good news there, no cavities, yeah! From there I headed to my primary care office to get my blood drawn for my abnormal thyroid and cholesterol. After getting my blood drawn, which by the way was extremely painful this time, don't think the alcohol dried quick enough, I went to my 11:30 Podiatry apt. After waiting 40 minutes to be seen I was finally roomed and greeted by the doctor.

They took another x-ray and found that my large toe is still not healed. As a result I am now experiencing pain in the second toe joint. If this doesn't heal then it can become a permanent thing and we will need to go in and do some repairs (if I understand him correctly). Also I am having alot of pain on the outside of the foot. My previous doctor shaved some of the bone off there but this new doctor doesn't agree with what he did. He thinks since there is still a large bump there that I will keep having pain unless we go in surgically and actually cut the toe and realign it. Swell.

So, I really didn't get the good news I was hoping for. The plan for now is to wait 4 more weeks, keep using my fancy bone stimulator and I have an apt for early March. At that time we will see if I have healed anymore and talk about future corrections. He did say that it is rare, but sometimes it can take up to 6 months for the bone to completely heal. I guess I am that rare percentage. Oh joy.

I really did like this Dr and I feel comfortable with what he told me. Now it's just a waiting game. Plus he's easy on the eyes, so that helps...just kidding hon!! You know I only have eyes for you.

So after that apt. I was headed back to pick up the kids from my Dad's when my cell phone rang and it was Tony's school telling me that Tony had been injured during PE and they wanted me to come take a look at his wrist. It had been bent backwards while playing dodgeball and it was swollen and purple. Are you kidding me?

I headed to school and it didn't look near as bad as I had expected. The nurse thought it be a good idea to be seen to rule out a fracture. So, we headed back to the doctor at 2:30, did an xray and thankfully it was just a sprain. Kinda what I figured but it gave us peace of mind, especially Tony who was pretty distraught over the ordeal.

After leaving Tony's apt I headed to pick up Drew from pre-school. When I asked him how his day went he said "horrible, I have the worst headache ever." When we got home I took his temp and it was 103. He had a tummy ache as well. Great, he is the next one to be plagued with strep.

So here we are, another day. Brodie did feel better and went to school, Drew is staying home today to rest and hopefully get some antibiotics. Good times. Just another day in the Figgins house.

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