Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011

The kids did really well letting us sleep in Christmas morning. We told them they couldn't wake us up before 6 am. So when 6 am rolled around Will and I both woke up on our own. Thinking the boys would be in any moment, we stayed awake. It was almost 7 before Jake and Tony finally entered our room.

After they woke us up, they went and woke up Brodie and Drew. All the boys then went in and got Emily. Santa had come. There was gifts under the tree and the stockings were full.Besides all our presents, here was our other proof Santa was here.
We opened stockings first. Drew was excited to get a Christmas story plate in his stocking. That is his favorite movie not only at Christmastime but all the time. Tony is really into puzzles. This 3D puzzle will really prove his skills.
This picture was suppose to be focusing on Brodie and his new Detroit Lions football. However, as you can see it also captured Drew opening his Joker action figure. He was slightly excited!
Daddy helped Emily with her stocking. Inside she found a spoon and fork. She was completely happy with that and didn't need any other gifts after that. She walked around all day with that spoon. She had no interest in any of her gifts so mom and dad ended up opening them for her.

Here is Jake opening his magazine subscription to Men's Fitness. He is really into working out and taking care of his body right now so this should be good for him.
Everyone was very happy with all their gifts. We cut back on gift giving this year and tried to really focus on what the kids interests were. I think it worked out well and everyone was grateful.

I made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and after the kids all played for couple hours we headed next door to my mothers house and celebrated with my siblings and their families. Unfortunatly Will was sick so he stayed home and I ended up joining him later because I had a terrible migraine. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening either in the chair or sleeping. Thankfully the boys were all well and they spent time at my mother's house playing with their cousins. It didn't work out the way we had planned but we don't always have control. It was still Christmas and we were all able to be together.

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