Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waiting for Spring

Just when you are feeling like Spring is around it snows again. Sigh. At least it wasn't alot and it should melt off fast. I am so ready for Spring. Playing outside, trips to the park, hikes and gardening!

I am planning a big garden again this year. This year I am adding green beans and carrots. Something we eat of lot of but have never planted. I am excited to see how my raspberries and strawberries do. I would love to plant blueberries but I heard our soil is not good for them and they are difficult to plant so I am sticking with the local berry patch for these this year.

I am crossing my fingers I get peaches this year. If I don't then I am pretty sure the trees are done for. I don't know much about peaches, but I heard the trees that are planted here only last about 12 years. I haven't gotten peaches in 2 years. I should in theory get them this year.

The apple tree I planted almost 2 years ago is growing well. Not sure if it will produce anything or not. The deer munched on it a bit last year so I will have to watch that closely. If I can find room somewhere I would like to plant a plum or pear tree. I have to do some research, not sure if they have to cross pollinate or not.

Hoping to get the final outlines done on planting this week so I can get my seeds ordered. Then all I will have to do is wait for warmer weather!

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