Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday was a great day. I spent most of the afternoon working outside with my husband and kids. We got some raking done, sticks picked up out of the yard, strawberry bed cleaned out as well as the garden. We also had our first fire of 2011. We love burning. Being outside, the sunshine, the smell...

I have a little more work to do in the garden before we are ready to till it up for Spring. I dumped the chickens bedding in there over the winter. It should give it some good fertilizer. I am so excited for this years garden.

My strawberries look pretty good. I was going to thin them out but after raking all the dead vines and leaves out they are looking awesome so I am just going to leave them where they are at this year.

We got all the broken toys and sticks cleaned up out of the yard. Now we just need to rake up the gravel that was brought in by the snow plow. It looks alot nicer. Now all we need is green grass!


juliecache said...

grm. fire. bad.

Hollinger Family said...

My kids always loved helping w/ our burn barrel back at our old place.. I too, like the smell. =)
Doesn't it seem refreshing to get things tidied up?