Friday, March 4, 2011


The kids and I have been in a major funk since bringing home the new baby. I have been slacking on doing our usual table time in the mornings. It's not just me though, the kids haven't been in the mood to craft or do much with writing. So we took a break. A 4 month break.

I have no concerns for either of the boys really. They each have their on way of learning and that is very evident. Brodie loves to write, always has. He is very much interested in sitting down and paying attention when teaching something new. He is very patient. Drew is the exact opposite. He is very impatient, can't sit still and is very much a hands on kid. He could care less about letters, numbers and all that. He does what he wants to do and I am ok with that.

Yesterday however I decided to try our table time again and the kids were all for it. We did a few of the file folder games I made last year. I was completely surprised that Drew could actually name all his colors. Well, he struggled on black but he new all the others! Then you can imagine my shock when he wanted to write his name and he did this....Every time I have asked Drew to practice his letters I get a response like "nah not right now". So to see this I was impressed. I have felt a little guilty because I don't work with him that much because he is so difficult. It just goes to show that even though we aren't doing formal sit down time he is still learning and picking things up on his own. That makes me happy.

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~Maria said...

The are doing great! It is amazing how much they pick up without us doing anything....all in their own good time. Drew probably knows a whole lot more than any of us realize, he just doesn't want to show it yet. :) Toby writes their names on his "notes" all the time too. They're all stalkers!