Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jake's New Hair

I forgot to take before and after pictures of Jake's hair. He went and cut almost 5 inches of hair off the other night. I think the barber was a little nervous when he said he wanted it all off. This is the best before and after shots that I have.

BeforeAfterIn theory this should make him faster in track. I guess it worked because today he was chosen to be on the varsity track team!


Anonymous said...

He does look great with his new hair cut. So proud he was named to the Varsity track team. You need to get his schedule to us when you get it!
(He looks so much older, too!)
Love you all, Grandma A

GP & GM Campbell said...

Very handsome dude!!! Good luck in track. We are proud of you! Nice to see your eyes. Love you all Grandma

Jill said...

The haircut makes him look older. And- congrats on the varsity track spot Jake!!!

Stefany said...

Congrats to Jake on being chosen for varsity track!