Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is it really this bad?

Last night was haircut night at our house. Drew's hair was getting pretty long over his ears. I have been pumping him up for his haircut for a couple days now. As you know, he has never been a fan of haircuts. Well this proved to be no different. Even with the promise of a mini skittles package when he was done, he still was not going for it.I know he will probably hate me for this when he is older. Look at the picture below, his tears are actually on top of his eyelids from hanging his head up-side-down. Isn't that the saddest thing?Then there is Brodie. He doesn't mind the haircuts. Especially when there is food involved (yes, we bribe our children). Here is his before picture. His hair isn't long, but when the clippers are out, might as well do them both.Who needs the Flowby?. We made our own. (That is not a real gun on the counter by the way. We don't bribe like that! Jeesh. It is an airsoft gun that is going away for a loooong while because Jake snuck it outside without asking. He likes to pretend he is Jack Bauer.)Here is the after pictures. When I told Drew to smile he yelled "no!" Go figure.


Miller Moments said...

these pictures look like a scene right out of my own house! gave you an award today. :)

Anonymous said...

That is just the cutest story. I love it!! Poor Drew. Hope he doesn't get a complex when he's 25 or so. Sad, sad picture of the tears. Love you all,

Grandma A

Sara P. said...

Awww, that made me laugh out loud, though I feel sorry for poor Drew. But both boys look so handsome now. The gun thing was funny. I didn't notice it in the pic until you pointed it out. Yikes. :)

Jill said...

Those are some good lookin' boys!!!

Amy-My hand in God's Hand said...

Thanks for the laugh! We recently got clippers for my 6 yr old because his Dad convinced him to get a mohawk last Summer. I will have to send you the picture!

Luckly, my Mom takes the 11 and 13 yr old to get their hair cut.