Saturday, February 20, 2010

Getting Caught Up

I haven't posted for awhile as you can see. This was a really strange week for me. I was really sick with some sort of gastro bug for about 36 hours early in the week. That pretty much threw off the rest of the week. Moms aren't suppose to get sick!

We had a couple days where my table looked like this.We did lots of puzzles! I couldn't find energy to do much else.

We celebrated Jakes birthday on Wednesday. Finally I was starting to feel better and on Thursday I went and spoke at a Moms and Moppets meeting about couponing and money saving tips. That was pretty exciting. It was my first experience doing something like that and it went really well, even though I felt like I was rambling at times.

Friday the younger boys and I ran some much needed errands before the snow hit. Will and the older boys all took a mental health day from work and school and went out to lunch together and to the new movie Avatar. They had a good time and it was cool that they had that opportunity. Friday night we spent the evening with friends watching a movie and enjoying good company.

Today Will and I did some shopping for Tony, his birthday is Monday. 12 years! The we headed down and picked up my grain order. I am so excited because we have found a local family farm who grow and produce their own grains. I think I am going to start purchasing from them more often. I bought some 7-grain flour today and am going to try it in a loaf of bread tomorrow.

My other goals for tomorrow are to make some granola, get caught up on laundry, finalize my garden seed order and curl up with my book that is due back soon to the library.

Whew! That is my week in a nutshell!


Anonymous said...

How did your bread turn out? I'm really curious to hear how you like working with whole grains. Did you grind it yourself or did it come ground? Wow... so many questions! I'm really excited you're trying this out. And I'm really anxious to hear your report on the quality/taste/texture, etc.

Love, Mom B

~Sara said...

Aww yes, the grain! I will be posting about that on my other blog here soon.