Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drew is getting over Croup and getting used to his new splint. Things are still a little crazy around here. Today we were gone most of the day running errands. I am glad I picked today to make multiple stops with the kids. The temp read -1 when I left this morning. Swell. I think I got the kids in and out of the car 5 times. Yes, that means buckling and unbuckling 10 times. Normally Drew buckles himself and I just have to check it, but it doesn't work so well with his broken arm.

We hit up some new stores I have been wanting to check out. Then we headed to the mall for the kids to play a bit at the indoor playground. Then off to the library and the grocery store. It was quit the productive day. I think we will be staying in tomorrow.

My focus with the younger kids has been on the letter V. We have been discussing vegetables. I will post some pictures of the few activites we have done. It has been very sporadic since this past week and a half has been so out of the ordinary. Hopefully we will get back to normal soon. Oh what am I saying? It's never normal around here!

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