Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is what I made for the kids. Stamped cards each with their own individual love quote. I had the boys read them out loud after breakfast. Then I made them each a baggie of teddy grahams with a little note attached.

I myself woke up to pink eggs, toast and cinnamon rolls this morning. All 5 of my Valentine's made me cards. Will gave me flowers and a box of Turtles (mmmm, my favorite) and Drew Bug gave me a box of chocolates too with a doggie on the lid! He picked them out special just for me!

Sometimes it's great being the only female in the house!


Sara P. said...

What a lucky mom/wife you are! It was so great seeing you all yesterday. Even though we were in swimsuits, it was fun! :)

All your boys are sweethearts (and so are you).

~Sara said...

Aww shucks!

It was fun hanging out!