Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Week (end) in Review

It feels like the kids haven't really gone back to school since Christmas. They were on Winter break for 2 weeks, then went back to school for only 3 days. Thursday and Friday were snow days and they are off tomorrow for a teacher in-service. With the highs in the negatives last week needless to say we spent all of our time indoors. Yes, cabin fever is beginning to develop. How I long for Spring already.

There has been lots of movie watching going on. And LOTS of Lego playing. The lego bins have been dumped out multiple times.And just some usual car playing. The little boys are very happy to have their train table brought back upstairs. We didn't have room for it upstairs during Christmas and in fact, I took it downstairs early last Fall. Sometimes keeping those things out of site for awhile and then bringing them back out brings on a whole new excitement. I try and rotate alot of toys this way. It gives them something new to look at every few months and keeps them entertained a little longer. Today we actually got out of the house. We did a little shopping at Menards and Home Depot. We were pricing hot water heaters because unfortunately we are in the market for one. We also went out to Barnes and Noble where the kids got to get some new books with gifts cards they got for Christmas. It was good to get out and get a little fresh air, even if our nostrils froze.

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