Sunday, January 10, 2010

Letter R

Last week we talked about the letter "R". We talked alot about raccoons and did lots of coloring sheets and projects about raccoons. With the cold weather we didn't make our weekly trip to the library so we watched some different videos of coons on Youtube. The kids are very familiar with raccoons because they frequently get into our trash.Here is a picture I took of the marker board that Brodie practiced his R's on. He is really doing well at writing, or at least I think so!Drew is doing a little better at table time. He still doesn't sit still very well and just scribbles all over the paper when given crayons or markers. But give the boy a paintbrush and he will stand there all day.Next week we are talking about the letter "Y" and talking about the color yellow, which is Drew's favorite color. I am anticipating a little better cooperation...maybe.


Michelle said...

This is a fun little blog, Sara, and I like your frugal living blog, too!

I am seriously wanting to stay home with our new baby (due in April) but can't quite make the numbers work. Any simple sage advice from someone who is clearly a pro SAHM? :)

Michelle (Steoger) Capers

~Maria said...

Brodie is doing great with his writing! It was neat to hear him sounding out letters the other night too.

I remember a while back when you asked me about how I taught mine letters/numbers. Now you can see what I meant when I said-when they are ready they just get it and take off, especially when they have lots of great opportunities to learn. Drew will get it too, when HE is ready! :) Maybe he's just more artistic!


~Sara said...

Hi Michelle!
Thanks for the compliment and congrats on your soon-to-be new addition. How exciting.

I am far from a pro for sure. I am just learning as I go along.

I am not real good at giving advice! The only thing I can tell you is just keep working your budget. Write out all your expenses and see what you can cut out and how much you can eliminate. Maybe there is something you can do while you stay home to earn a little extra money. Hopefully you can find a way to stay at home because it truly is a rewarding experience.

Good luck!