Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting Back to Normal

Things are returning to normal around here. Christmas decorations are put away, the tree is down. The boys went back to school yesterday and Will returned to work. It is pretty quiet around here. Ok, not really.

We are glad to be back on somewhat of a routine. We had a lot of table time yesterday and Brodie was more than happy to get back to doing a "project" and talking about a new letter. This week is "R". We will be talking about raccoons and reading The Kissing Hand.We also did a lot of puzzles. Drew is really getting into puzzles and really likes his new Dora puzzle and these alphabet puzzle cards by Melissa and Doug. You match the letter with the picture. He did really well at it.The foam letters are also a big hit. Notice Brodie's name? He did that all by himself. Once the letters were all attached it was turned into a race track. I think everything in this house is turned into a race track at some point or another. I guess that's what boys are all about.


Cop Mama said...

I love foam letters! I've been wanting to get a set but I keep waiting for them to go on sale.

By the way, EVERYTHING in my house turns into a racetrack too!

~Sara said...

Watch Walgreens. These were originally $9.99 and I got them 50% right before Christmas.

Miller Moments said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and great ideas.

Also, I gave you an award today on my blog, so pop over and take a peek!