Saturday, October 31, 2009

L is for Leaves

Here is our week on leaves. We did lots of fun activities. I made this activity. I cut out a large tree using construction paper and taped it to our wall. Then I printed off some numbered leaves that I got from this website. You can use them for a file folder game as well. What I did was print them on cardstock and then cut them out. I had them laminated for durability. I used sticky tack to put them on the wall. I would call out the number and the boys would have to find the correct leaf. We also put the leaves in order, and used them for some other number activities.We also used round sponge brushes to paint leaves on trees.And remember our tree that we made in the Spring with the butterflies around it? Well the seasons change and so the wall art needed a change too. We used watercolors to paint some leaf templates that we cut out and put on our tree. And of course we went outside to rake and play in the leaves!

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