Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leaf Craft

This week we are talking about the letter "L". Leaves are the theme. I loved this craft. We made torn paper leaves and glued them onto a tree. Here is what you will need.
construction paper

I cut out the tree and trunk. I gave each of the boys different colors of scrap paper to tear apart. Then they glued them onto the tree. Brodie wrinkled his leaves which I thought gave them a nice look too. He actually did that all by himself.Here is a picture of Drew's tree. As you can see he got bored tearing paper so he just glued on the big pieces too!And this is Brodie's. Also in this picture is the alphabet picture we did for his ABC book. When we start a new letter we make one picture for their 3-ring binder. For the letter "L" I drew with marker a tree trunk and branches and had the kids use their fingers to paint the leaves on. Brodie made some of his leaves "falling off the tree" since that what is happening outside right now!
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Sherry said...

Very cute!

Dawn said...

Cute idea! My 4 yr old will like this.

jennwa said...

That is a great idea. All that gluing would be fun for any kid.

Thanks for linking.