Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Muddy Pigs

No this is not a post about my children, well I guess it is actually!

This is a craft we did this morning. We are still talking about the letter "F". The focus this week is Farms. I really wanted to take a trip to the Cambridge Apple Orchard/Farm but the weather has been so chilly. Looks like this weekend will be nice so maybe we will head up there then. In the meantime we have had lots of fun so far this week with Farm related activities.

These are our muddy pigs. I printed off the template here. First we colored our pigs with pink markers. Then I had them paint over them with brown paint (that I had to quickly look up online to see how to make since I only had primary colors! How quickly you forget those things. For those of you wondering it is yellow, red and blue.)

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jennwa said...

I love the muddy pig. Cute idea.