Wednesday, October 7, 2009

F is for Frog

We started the letter "F" this week. We have been talking alot about frogs. You can go here to find lots of coloring sheets to print on frogs. I printed some off and the kids had fun painting them green. We watched an interesting video on the rare Golden Frog here.

Here is the collection of books we have been looking at. Some from the public library and some from our own library.We talked about how a frog starts off as an egg then changes into a tadpole, grows legs and becomes a frog. We colored this worksheet and cut out the pictures and glued them to cards. Then Brodie put them in order. You could also use this worksheet. It shows more stages of development.

I came up with this game. It helps us work on our numbers. The kids are great counters but number recognition is where we need help. They had lots of fun with this. I used card stock and cut out lillypads. I numbered them 1-10. I gave each boy a rubber frog then I would call out a number and they would find it and place their frog on the correct lillypad.
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Sherry said...

Love the lilipads cute!

Ticia said...

That lillipad idea is so cute!

jennwa said...

The lilypad is super cute.

Adriana said...

I love the lilypads! God bless you with four boys. I've got two. :)