Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random Thoughts

I think I have had too much coffee. Another thing to add to the list of things to do...stop drinking so much coffee. My brain feels full tonight, there is alot on my mind. Figured maybe I would write about some of it and then maybe I can sleep...maybe.

This has been a crazy couple weeks. The gastro bug had hit our house and hit it hard. The 3 younger children have all taken turns being sick. Drew bug and Emily are still suffering. Thankfully Brodie seems to be better although still complains once in a while of tummy pain. Hoping the older 4 in the house don't come down with it (knocking on wood). I feel I am safe because I had something similar to what the children are experiencing a few weeks ago. I fear for my husband and older sons though. It will pass but it is never fun while it's around.

I feel prepared for Christmas. I am excited for the holiday. I look forward to the kids and husband having time off and being home together. I see lots of movies and games in our near future. Hoping to spend a few days away from home staying with the in-laws. It won't be all fun and games though. I have big plans for the time off. I want to go through every room and de-clutter and purge. There is way too many of us, with way too much stuff for this house. Having less will mean more to me. De-cluttering, organizing and cleaning are on my list of things to do during winter break. I think I am the only one excited about this.

I am excited for a new year. I always feel good about a new year. Like a fresh start. I have many goals for 2012. Hoping I can stick to them better than I stuck with my 2011 goals. I have alot I want to do and accomplish but I also have to remind myself that I am only human and I can only do so much.

Speaking of 2012, I am excited to be attending a blogging conference with my sister in April. I started my frugal blog mainly to help others out and journal my experiences. It got a lot bigger than I had ever planned and now I just want to keep it growing. It has given me motivation and become a fun hobby for me. I have about 350 email subscribers and almost 600 Facebook fans.

I am planning another 31 days of nothing challenge for my family in January and I am going to be hosting a link up each week. Anyone who wants to join is welcome and can keep us updated with their progress each week via a link to their blog. Keeping myself accountable on my blog always helps me out and keeps me honest. The Frugal Tuesday Tip is another fun link up I do each week. I am hoping to see that grow in 2012 as well.

Ok, I feel a little better getting some of my ideas written down. Kids will be up before I know it so I better get some shut eye.


Anonymous said...

I love random thoughts, just to simply get the ideas out of our heads and down to something tangible =)
May you have a Merry Christmas!

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