Friday, May 20, 2011

Tony's Band Concert

We are wrapping up the end of the school year. It's hard to believe it is almost summer break. We have been busy with school events the last couple weeks. Tony had his last band concert for the 10-11 year. He seemed really focused a did and nice job.

He also had his last choir performance which I failed to get pictures of. This was one of the funner concerts to listen to.

Tony was able to go on a choir trip to Kansas City a few weeks ago. Will was one of the chaperons so that was good for Tony to have him along. They left at 5am on Friday morning and returned about 10:30 pm the same night. The first stop was at another school where the 2 choir classes switched teachers. They performed their concert and each of the groups were given pointers by the other instructor.

From there they spent the afternoon at World's of Fun. Unfortunately the weather was a little chilly and rainy but I think both Will and Tony had a really good time. Tony was pretty excited when he got home because he won a basketball playing some game. Will was equally excited because he successfully went on the Mamba, a 200 foot roller coster. Pretty good for a guy who is afraid of heights.

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