Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big Helper

Things have been busy around here. I Haven't stayed real up to date on this blog. School is winding down, less than 4 weeks left and then it will be Summer break. Jake has been busy with track and weight lifting up until a recent fractured hand. Now weight lifting is on hold till his cast is off.

Tony has been busy with band, reading and trying to figure out a good 4-H project for the county fair in July.

Brodie and Drew have been having a blast playing T-ball. Emily has learned to roll over, and over and over to get where she wants to be. She also likes to help momma bake!
The next couple weeks will be extremely busy but I will try and be better at posting at least a few pictures here and there!


GP & GM Campbell said...

So anxious to see all of you again. Been a while again. Tried to call you before I went to Ankeny to see my sister Nancy & again on my way home but didn't get an answer last Monday. We were out to eat today with Uncle Rich his birthday is Thursday & his hours don't let him do anything in the evenings. So tried to call this afternoon & drove by but no cars there. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Emily looks so cute sitting on the counter.
Love you Grandma

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Busy family. Love to all. Grandma A