Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Tour in Pictures

I finally finished planting my garden. Well, except for a few more tomato and pepper plants. Here is a tour of all that is growing in my yard.

My apple tree is getting big, no fruit this year though. It is only 2 years old. The peaches look so terrible I didn't even take a picture. I have a few blooms but they are scarce. I am afraid these trees may come down this fall and we will have to plant new ones in the Spring.

The cherry tree. Lots of blooms this year!
Here is what is planted.

So far I have 6 tomato plants
6 jalepenos
4 green peppers
2 red peppers
2 zucchini
1 butternut squash
2 cucumbers
4 cantaloupe
green beans
sugar snap peas
russet potatoes

The back fence is also lined with more green pole beans. Under the hay is my potatoes.
Zucchini just starting to sprout.
Front quarter from left to right is strawberry bed, snap peas on both sides of fence, onions and 4 hills of cantaloupe.
Here is looking at the back quarter of the garden. Starting on the left and making our way right we have carrots, spinach and lettuce, onions, green beans on both sides of the fence and then the strawberry bed.
My strawberries are a little crazy. I didn't thin them out last year and now they are taking over!
They look really really good though. I already have some little berries starting to grow. I am SO excited!
Lots stop and look for eggs.

Yay! 3!
Thanks girls!
My first signs of potatoes. I have about 8 sets of leaves coming up.
I planted 2 Japanese climbing cucumber hills. I made this trellis with some posts and chicken wire I had in the shed.
Here are my raspberry plants. This is my second year with them. I had a few random shoots that started growing so I dug them up and planted them along the back of our shed. Hoping those will grow into healthy bushes as well.
Next to the 3 new raspberry plants I planted my watermelon.Here is my herb garden. Staring behind the stump and going clockwise I have sage, 2 basil plants, an area for garlic in the fall, cilantro, parsley, oregano and dill.

Hi little ladies!

Pot of mint.
Pot of chives.
I was running out of space for everything I wanted to plant. Here is the east side of my house. I have Iris here. I didn't really want to dig them up so I decided to just plant my sugar pumpkins in hills in front of them. We will see how this works.
So there is the tour. Pretty excited about this years season. I had no major expenses (like the fence last year) and I planted alot of things from seed this year so my total amount invested in the garden is around $65 ($30 of it was the cost to rent a tiller). I should be able to feed my family for the summer and have enough to put up for the winter (crossing fingers).

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