Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have been hitting the jackpot in the egg department. The last 2 days I have gotten 7 eggs both days.

This morning I headed out to check on the girls around 9:30am. I had one Buff on the floor in the corner sitting (where I have found an egg almost daily) and one of my Brahmas was making herself cozy in the first nesting box. Just 2 1/2 hours later at noon I found all 7 eggs!

There was one on the floor.Two in the first nesting box.One in the second nesting box.And three in the third nesting box.My total egg count for August was 59 . This is pretty good considering I got my first egg August 5. I got one a day for 3 days and then nothing until August 17th. Now I am 2 days into September and I have already gotten 14 eggs.

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