Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Week of Preschool With Drew

I completed my first week of home preschool with Drew last week. He did pretty well. He definitely has a completely different learning style than Brodie does. Drew is very independent, stubborn and really only wants to do what he thinks is fun. Pretty normal for a 3 almost 4 year old I guess. He isn't interested in writing much, he will do a craft but only if he is in the mood. His basic interest right now is reading books and puzzles.

He is loving all the attention from me though. I thought he might have a hard time with Brodie being gone a couple hours in the afternoon to attend school but it hasn't seem to bother him. He gets mommy all to himself for a little while and he is soaking it up!

My goal for him is to learn all of his letters and the sounds that go with them, as well as learning to write them. I would like for him to count higher than 10 (this is how high he counts now) He is already pretty good at shapes and colors. I figured I am in no hurry though, I will just move at his pace and see where it takes us.

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