Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

For our letter B week I had lots of activities planned but we didn't get to alot of them. I am figuring with the way Drew is participating lately we will be revisiting all these letters again anyway so I might as well save a few ideas for later. We have moved some of our learning time to the mornings so Brodie can participate too. I think he was starting to feel a little left out and he really loves reading and doing crafts.

Our main theme for the week was Brown Bear, Brown Bear. The kids have always loved this book and it is picked frequently to read. I planned alot of our activities around this book. I made this great Tot book last year. You can find all the downloads for it here. Drew really enjoyed this. He is very much a hands on kid.We did sequencing with these bears.We painted an upper case B on the easel. Another favorite activity we did was this. I placed number cards on the floor in front of him. He would tell me the number and then place the appropriate amount of bear cookies on each card. At the end he got to eat them. He loved it.We made these cute teddy bears. I used a brad to attach the head so that it could move. Drew's is on the left, Brodie's on the right. Drew was really insistent on cutting out his own bear. And he is always wanting me to help him color, so I colored the head.

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