Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Basement Remodel

Here are some pictures of our basement. We are in the middle of finishing it off. We put in 2 bedrooms and are moving both older boys downstairs and then there is a room for a TV/play area. I will actually have a laundry room down there as well. I am so excited!

We really need the space since we only had 3 bedrooms upstairs. Kinda crowded for 6 people let alone another baby joining us in a couple weeks. This will make such a difference and it will give the boys a little area to themselves when they have friends over or just don't feel like hanging out with Mom and Dad.

An empty basement. I should have taken a picture when it was full of stuff. Here it is after they framed all the walls.The drywall got finished today! It is textured and ready to be painted. I can't wait to see how the colors look. Once we are finished painting the electrician will put in our wall outlets and lights and the trim can go up.

Jakes room is on the right and Tonys room is on the left. I am standing in the TV/playroom.Jake finally has the walls he has been wanting! This picture is standing inside his room. The closet is on the right and the door out is on the left. This is like a dream come true. I have wanted this to be finished for the past few years. Finally it's happening! I will post more picture as we get paint and carpet done.


Staci said...

Looks great so far! Hope the rest of the job goes smoothly!

Brian said...


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?