Monday, August 30, 2010

Preschool with Drew

While Brodie is off in the afternoons at preschool I have a plan to do preschool with Drew here at home. Last year he really wasn't interested in most of the activities I had planned. Now that he is a whole year older and has a tiny bit more of attention I figured I would do some scheduled activities each afternoon with him.

I was really hoping Brodie's school would be in the mornings. It would make it easier to teach Drew in the mornings I think. But since Brodie school doesn't start until 12:30p I am going to try and spend 45 minutes or so in the afternoon with Drew. My goal is to focus on a letter each week. I found a simple and easy planning sheet here that I will be using to plan my weekly themes and jot down any craft ideas I have or projects I want to do.

I will be starting with Drew on Tuesday. Our first theme is A for Apples and Alligators. I have a TON of stuff planned already. Included are a few crafts, a whole stack of books I already picked up from the library and a trip to the apple orchard.

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