Thursday, August 26, 2010

Preparing for Preschool

Today we had a home visit from Brodie's preschool teachers. Our school has received a grant so there is no charge for 4-year-old preschool. In return though, the teachers have to do a home visit to each student. I liked it. It was a chance to meet the teacher one on one and ask any questions. Plus it was nice for Brodie to meet both of his teachers, in his own home, before heading off to school.

Sounds like the program is well organized and he will be very busy. He seemed very comfortable with Mrs. R, the teachers assistant as she sat on the floor and did some activities with him while Will and I listened to the teacher. They thought he did a really great job writing his name.

He starts preschool Tuesday. Things will be awfully quiet here in the afternoons.

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