Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chicken Update~18 weeks

My chickens are doing well. The are now 18 weeks old, so any day now they should start laying eggs. I filled up their nesting boxes with straw hoping to make it a little cozier in there for them. Every day I head out in the morning to open the door to the run and check to see if "today is the day"! So exciting.I have been letting them out of the run in the evening to free range the backyard. They have been doing really well staying close to home. Sometimes they venture off into the neighbors yard but usually I can still keep an eye on them. They seem to get more adventurous each day. Here are some of the birds creeping up on the deck.They are fun to watch. The way they run, or try to fly hovering over the ground, chasing moths. Pretty entertaining. Drew likes to chase them around saying "heeeey girls".When they are our free ranging the yard this is pretty much how they look.Heads down, tails up. They love them bugs.

At dusk they always come back home and put themselves away in their house.

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