Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Will and I have been having fun attending different local farmer's markets. Last week we went to Polk City. We got there a little early so the kids had fun playing at the park on the town square.We love the variety of the Des Moines Farmer's market but it is just so crazy there! We go about every couple weeks to stock up on cheese. We buy our cheese from Milton Creamery. Their Prairie Breeze cheese is the best! This past week we also bought some homemade peanut butter. Then of course we just had to compare the different vendors selling crab rangoons. One of my favorites!

I have been trying to grow most of my own veggies but with all this rain the garden isn't doing so hot. I did pick 1 cucumber tonight, 5 onions and 3 raspberries.

I am hoping to purchase a large batch of locally grown sweet corn to cut and freeze to have for the winter. I would also like to find some peaches and/or pears that I could can as well. I love having fresh fruit and veggies from my garden, or locally grown gardens in the winter time. It also saves me from having to buy it at the stores.

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