Sunday, July 18, 2010


WOW. We had an extremely busy weekend. Friday we had people out to take a look around and give us some measurements on finishing off our basement. I look forward to getting started on this project.

Saturday we woke up and headed up to Colo where I canned corn all day with my mother-in-law. We bought 14 dozen, ate 1 dozen, apparently left 2 dozen in the van (that we found when we left Sunday) and canned the remaining 11 dozen. From that 11 dozen we got 42 pints of corn. Not too bad! I used my new canner and am really pleased with how it works. I am so happy to have made that purchase. Today Will, Grandpa Joel and Drew bottled beer. Grandpa makes his own beer and the Will and Drew were happy to help with that process.Tonight we celebrated Will's birthday with my mother and siblings. We grilled hamburgers and hung out. It was a very long but pleasant weekend.

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