Monday, July 12, 2010

Chicken Tractor

If you asked my husband he would say I love my chickens more than him. Now I do like my chickens alot but he still ranks higher on my list! This weekend he was busy in the garage building me a chicken tractor so that I can get them out and move them about the yard. This will provide them with fresh grass. They have pretty much pecked away at the grass in their run.I did let them out of the house the other day to have free roam of the yard. They stayed relatively close the whole evening. I just get nervous because our yard isn't fenced in and we have alot of wild animals around. Having this movable run makes me feel a lot safer. I know the birds will be protected at all times.

He finished the tractor tonight and tomorrow (crossing fingers it won't rain) I am going to paint it. Then all we need to do is add a roost and the fencing around the outside. See it is even complete with a nesting box just in case one of the girls feels the need to lay while they are in there. One end has wheels so that all you have to do is lift the other end up and move it about the yard. The lid pops up so I have easy access to the nesting box. It is a little on the heavy side but it is definitely sturdy.I'll post more pictures once it is painted and has the fence on!

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Anonymous said...

You know he's a "keeper", don't you? Your girls are sure loved. Great job out of both of you! Love you, Grandma A