Sunday, June 13, 2010

We're Back

We are back from vacation! We spent a week at Ten Mile Lake in Minnesota. We go there each year. I have been going to this same lake since I was a child. I have lots of memories there.

We went a bit earlier this year due to Will's work schedule. The weather wasn't near as nice as it usually is in July but we still had a great time. We had a few rainy days where we spent much of our time inside playing cards or board games.

Fishing was pretty good again this year. Will and Joel went fishing at 5:30am almost each morning. Mom and Jake joined them a few mornings. I am not much of a morning fisherwoman. I went out most evenings. We got a good assortment of Sunfish, Pike, Bass and even caught a few keeper Crappie this year. We brought home about 100 sunnies and 5 Northern Pike. That should keep us fed for awhile.

The kids spent most of their time protecting the cabin from incoming monsters, soldiers, and aliens. They each were able to purchase a new toy gun from Cabala's on the way up and that pretty much entertained them for most of the week. We stayed in a bigger cabin this year, which was really a blessing because there was alot more room for them to run and play.

On Tuesday it was warm and the kids went into the water to play for a bit. Within minutes of coming out they were all itching and screaming. They were exposed to swimmers itch! We spent the next few hours calming them down and rubbing lotion on their legs. We ended up heading into town to talk to a pharmacists who told us there was really nothing we could do but give them Benedry. Thankfully the itching subsided in about 5 hours but the bumps and welts are still present on Brodie and Drew. Tony never did get it.

Well I will post more later, hopefully with some pictures. We had a scare on Thursday night. Will, Brodie, Drew and I were on the dock fishing while the others went out in the boat. Everything was perfect until we heard a huge splash and I turned around to see Brodie completely submerged under the water. He fell off the dock. I jumped in after him and Will followed me in. He was ok, but it was pretty traumatic. Unfortunately I had my camera around my neck when I jumped in. It's pretty much dead now. Will is currently looking online for a new camera for us. I am hoping I can still get my pictures off the memory stick.


juliecache said...

so sorry about the camera.

Jill said...

Glad you were so close by Brodie when he fell in... soooo scary!!!