Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm antsy tonight. Brodie goes in for surgery in the morning on his boy parts. I know it is a common procedure but the thought of it still scares me. They have to put him to sleep, do the procedure and then the recovery. The recovery is what I worry most about. They said he will be in a lot of pain. That is the worst part. I just hope we can make him feel ok and be comfortable.

Ahhh, anyway today was a busy day. After we picked Jake up from weight lifting we headed north 30 minutes to get chicken feed. This is the only place that carries the feed I want for the chickens. Once they reach 18 weeks there is a place closer to home I can buy their food.

After that we headed 30 minutes west to visit a local creamery. That was fun. We ended up buying some milk, ice cream, summer sausage, raw sugar and cream. I am going to make my own butter. The kids thought it was a really cool place and the people who own it are really nice.

After a few more stops we headed home. This evening I baked 2 loaves of bread, cleaned out the chicken house, worked in the garden (my peas are officially dead and my tomatoes are following), took the family to the neighbors house for a swim, ate our local ice cream for dessert, put kids to bed and here we are. Sigh...

I guess maybe I should get some rest.

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