Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Update

We had an ultrasound yesterday. Here are just a couple of the hand full of shots we got of our little one. We got to see our baby in 4D which I thought was cool. I have never had an ultrasound where they did that before.The baby is growing really well. It weighed in at 14oz and is 6 inches long from head to tailbone. The doctor said everything was developing the way it should and it looked "very happy". We are sticking with the due date of November 7, which puts us at 2o weeks 4 days. It wanted to sleep the entire time we were looking at it so the tech had to shake my belly a bit to get it to move around. Baby didn't seem to mind too much it would kick a bit and move it's arms but not flip. Finally at the end it turned so we could get the profile shot you see above.

We declined to find out the gender. It will be a surprise for everyone in November!

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