Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Morning 2009

The kids were told not to wake us before 6am. I woke up at 4:45am and heard Jake and Tony already up. The came into our room for the first time at 5:20 and were turned away. They came back at 5:58am and I knew there was no way to make them wait any longer. I was informed they had already "shook every present under the tree".After waking up Brodie and Drew the excitement immediately began. Brodie spotted his giant bear under the tree and Drew found his big doggie. Drew was also very excited to see that Santa had eaten the milk and cookies and the reindeer had munched on the carrot left out for them.Tony was very happy to receive his own set of Halo megablocks!Jake got lots of new clothes and here is showing off his stylish new hat.This was one of Drew's favorite toys. The "talking doggie" as he calls it. This dog barks and wags his tail.Brodie wasn't much in the mood for pictures so I just had to snap a couple while he was opening his presents. His favorite gifts were definitely his giant bear and his Legos. After presents were opened Dad started in on putting things together while I made breakfast. We had bacon, eggs and toast. We all played with our new things for a couple hours and then got ready to head to Grandma's house.

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Jena said...

What great pictures! Looks like everyone was having so much fun. (I also LOVE your curtains.)