Monday, December 7, 2009

P is for Penguins

Last week we talked about the letter "P" and focused alot of our attention on penguins. What interesting birds. We decided to change the scenery on the wall in the living room.We made momma and baby penguins out of construction paper. I just cut out the shapes and the boys glued them together. Brodie is getting really good at figuring out how things go together without me even telling him.

The Christmas trees were an added feature later on. We decorated these foam tress as a family event one evening during "family night". I bought a package of 50 foam trees and set out glue, glitter, pom poms, sequence and other materials. The kids and adults had a good time!

For some new games I made this game with the idea stemming from here. You take a cereal box and cut the top off. Print off the penguin and glue him to the box cutting a hole in the mouth. Print off the fish. (I printed 30, 2 pages, 15 for each child) Take turns rolling the dice. Whatever number is on the dice is the number of fish you put into the penguins mouth. Whoever runs out of fish first, wins. Drew really liked this game. I also did a color match game that I printed off from Making Learning.Brodie did a really good job matching the upper case and lower case letter of the alphabet using these fish cards.


Miller Moments said...

I'm so excited to see this post today. We are learning letter P right now too and I have been searching for a good penguin activity to do. Thanks for the great ideas!

Stacy said...

Love these penguin ideas! I especially like the game where they "feed" the baby penguin! How cute!