Monday, December 7, 2009


We are settling in for the big winter storm that is suppose to hit tomorrow. 8-12 inches is what they are predicting. Will and I did a little Christmas shopping tonight so I went ahead and got a hand full of groceries while we were out since I am assuming I will be home bound for a few days. My usual grocery shopping night is Tuesday but I don't drive when there is snow on the roads.

Speaking of snow, here is one of the crafts we did today. We are using this week to talk about snow, snowmen and the weather. I wrote the word snow on a piece of paper and the boys glued snowflakes onto it. Then we cut some homemade snowflakes. We added them to the penguin scenery in our living room.The boys got to play outside this afternoon with Dad in the snow that fell last night. Only about 2 inches fell but they still were able to have a snowball fight. Should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. The older boys are really hoping for a delay or early out from school.

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Miller Moments said...

I wish we would get some snow. It's definitely cold enough right now, which is unusual for our neck of the woods.