Wednesday, December 9, 2009

They were right...

The weather people were actual accurate on this one. They predicted 12-16 inches of snow and I think we probably have about 16 inches of snow outside. I don't remember ever seeing this much snow.The pictures really don't do it justice and unfortunately today is not a good day to get out and take any. We are still under a blizzard warning until tonight, with wind gusts nearing 50 mph. All I was able to do was open the door a little and take a couple pictures out the back door and a few of the 3 foot drift on our front deck.As you can imagine, it is really hard for the boys to be inside seeing all this fun snow outside! It is just too cold today. I imagine later this week there will be no keeping them in though! The older boys got their wish, an early out yesterday and no school today.

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GP & GM Campbell said...

Wow Stay warm & hope it doesn't last long!!! Sure do like it tho that you keep us posted.
We love you all, stay well.
Grandma & Gramps