Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a great holiday weekend. It was nice to spend an extra day with daddy. On Saturday we headed up to Colo and spent the night with my in laws. We always have the best time up there. We grilled out and made homemade ice cream. Wills cousins came up and the neighbors came over. We enjoyed some sparklers and surprise fireworks! The neighbors have 4 kids close to the same ages as mine so they all have a great time playing. Of course we had to play a little Pinnacle and Boggle.
Here is the cake I made.Here are the guys..ahem..Jake working on digging post holes for Mom and Joels new deck. All the ladies sat and had great conversation! On Sunday we headed back home and up to my Dads to celebrate the fourth of July and my Grandmothers 76th birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma!Here is my Dad and some of the grandkids.Here is Drew and his cousin Nate having a grand ol' time on the swing.


~Maria said...

When I first looked at the pic of your cake I thought, "Who took a picture of the cake I made?" Then I realized YOU made it! We even laid our strawberries the same way!

Mark saw it and said it's creepy how much we think and do the same things without knowing it. :) So now I'm dying to know what kind of cake you made, if it's the same that's just really weird. I made a jello-poke cake, 1/2 blue jello, 1/2 red.

~Sara said...

LOL! I made Jello poke too! Only used strawberry jello though!

~Maria said...

Ok this is bordering on creepy! :)