Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3, 2009

Today felt like it should have been Saturday since Will was home all day. We spent the morning around home. I got the garden weeded and the older boys and Will helped with laundry and picking up the house.

This afternoon we packed a picnic dinner and headed out to Saylorville spillway. We found a quiet little place to fish surprisingly with only one other family down the way. We didn't catch anything but the kids ended up having more fun throwing rocks and skipping stones in the water anyway.Tonight we all sat down and played a game of Sorry. It took us a little while because as you can imagine there was quite a few interruptions. It started out with Will and Brodie on a team and Drew and I on a team and Jake and Tony. It ended with Jake, Tony, Will and I all fighting till the bitter end with Jake being the big winner.

After the Sorry battle we made homemade shakes. I LOVE this old Hamilton malt/shake maker that I got at Will's cousins garage sale many years ago. It still works great!

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