Monday, March 10, 2008

Well I got my back entry way and Tony's room painted this weekend. It feels so good to actually have real paint on that back entry way. It has been an eye sore since I moved in. Unfortunately I am very unhappy with the colors that I picked. I was wanting tan and off white. I got yellow and a mauvy looking color. I had also wanted the tan for the living room but after putting a big splotch on the living room wall yesterday I decided I can't live looking at the color every day so I am rethinking my colors. This Saturday Will is taking all the boys to his moms so hopefully I can get the rest of the house done. That will be a huge project.

My other project right now...pricing garage sale stuff. I have about 25 boxes of junk in the basement. Poor Jake has no room to move. I am either going to have an inside sale here soon. Or possibly wait till it gets warmer and do one outside. Depends on how fast I get it priced and how warm it is.

On a side note. The family is pretty healthy right now. Drew finished his antibiotic this weekend and will go in this week for a check of his ears. He is teething right now which has put him a little on edge the last couple days but overall is doing great.

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