Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Break

Today marks the first day of Spring Break. 10 days with Jake and Tony home with me. Will has taken next Thurs. and Fri. off and we plan to go to the Science Center one of those days. It has been a while since we have been there. Other than that, I have a few activities planned. Jake unfortunately got grounded from having anyone over or going to any friends houses so he is a little bummed about that. It sucks being 12 sometimes!

My plan for the weekend is to paint. I am going today to buy it. It has taken me all week to finally make a decision of what I am going to have. I have chosen different shades of brown for the living/dining room. I am pretty excited to see how it looks when it is done. Will is leaving in the morning to go to his moms with the kids. I am sure once he steps foot out that door I probably won't stop till I am done!

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