Friday, March 28, 2008

Well Drew woke up with a fever again this morning. He seems to be doing a little better this afternoon. Brodie too is a little better. His temp was only 100 this morning! Hopefully we will have a good weekend. Tony is suppose to have practice today and tomorrow but with the weather, we shall see if it is still on. My goal this weekend is to get my state taxes done! I usually have to owe so I wait till the last minute. I also would like to get some yard work done but might wait till next week when it is warmer.

Next Friday we leave for Bloomington! We are taking Jake and Tony on a mini vacation!! I am really excited. Will's parents and sister are keeping the 2 little boys. We are going to leave Friday morning and go to St. Paul and see the Science Center. We are going to spend all day Saturday and part of Sunday at the Mall of America. Hoping to play some mini golf there and see a movie. It will be nice to do some older kids activities. We won't have to worry about strollers and naps! Although it is going to break my heart not to see the little boys for 3 days. I am sure I will survive! Everyone is totally pumped and excited to get out of town for a while!

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