Friday, March 14, 2008

Making Cookies

I forgot to share this. Last week Brodie helped me make oatmeal cookies. On our way downstairs to get the oatmeal, we ran face to face with a BIRD!! There was a bird in Jake's room. Not just any bird, a black bird. It was pretty scary and you have to just listen to Brodie tell the story of "the bird". It is hilarious. Anyway, the bird must have flew in when I left out the garage earlier that morning. We had to wait for Will to get home to get it out.


Sara P. said...

You have such special experiences with the boys -- I mean the cookie-making, not the scary bird, though I suppose you could consider that a special experience, too.

The Smiths said...

A bird? That could only happen to you!!! LOL (However, I would like to say during our house remodel we came over to find a bat swooping around). Flying animals in the house are definitely not cool.

Anonymous said...

Want to hear him tell about the bird.
House looks sooo good!!!
Grandma & Grandpa