Thursday, March 29, 2012

Official 2012 Garden Outline

Thanks to my awesome mother-in-law I have my garden plans down on paper. I will put this into a clear plastic sheet and add it to my household binder. I love having my ideas on paper and using it as a reference. I have my garden sheet from last year as well. I can double check where things were planted, that way I can make sure my crops get rotated properly.

I am anxious to get in the dirt and start planting. I just finished cleaning out the garden bed this week. Now I just need to get the dirt tilled up. I am thinking of going ahead and getting some lettuce and spinach planted in the window boxes that we keep on our deck.

Here is my garden plant list for 2012:
Snap Peas
Regular Peas
Kale (new for us this year)
Variety of Lettuce
Jalapeno Peppers
Bell Peppers

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