Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well Hello...

It's obviously been a struggle to keep up with this blog. I have good intentions. Every night I feel like I want to get on and write something and then I don't. Life has been busy. Very busy.

We survived Spring Break. We didn't do a whole lot. The weather was rainy most of the week. Jake was in and out with his friends almost every day. The younger 3 boys did well playing with each other. Emily was happy just to have everyone home and follow them around.

We ended the week with a trip to Nebraska to visit some of our dear friends. We had a really great time and the weather was perfect. Everyone is back to work and school now. My afternoons are quiet (when the baby sleeps that is). I always struggle during the afternoons when it is quiet. Do I nap? Do housework? Have computer time? Work on my never ending to-do list? If only there was time for it all.

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