Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Lost Tooth

Brodie lost his second tooth yesterday. It happened at school during gym class. He went to the nurse who put it in a tiny treasure box. She even gave him a blue toothbrush to take home. He may want to pull all his teeth at school now.

In our house we put lost teeth in a glass of water on the counter for the tooth fairy to find and hopefully leave a gift.

Yesterday when Brodie got home he got down a cup and placed his tooth and the water inside. I was a little hesitant because he put it in Drew's super hero cup but since he had already dirtied it I thought oh well. He put the cup on the counter where I moved it to the top of the canister so it wouldn't get mistakenly dumped.

That night when the tooth fairy was about to visit I was looking for the cup with the tooth so she could leave her gift. The cup was missing. Uh oh.

I found the cup on the dining room table, with only about an inch of water left in it. Drew had grabbed it since it was his cup and drank out of it. Thankfully the tooth was still in there. Whew!

Pretty nasty, but kinda funny none the less.

The tooth fairy did come that night. She left Brodie 2 dollar coins.

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